Saturday, February 16, 2008


Well, the day has finally come. The good Lord has blessed me with a beautiful brand new NIKON D3!!!

This long awaited, MUCH anticipated new model PROMISES to surpass ANY OTHER camera of it's time. I am SO excited to shoot with it and see the results of shooting at 6400 iso in AVAILABLE light and NO noise!!!!

*I will post pictures from this new little goddess just as soon as her batteries are finished charging*



Anonymous said...

I have tears. How beautiful :)

Adam said...

I wonder what kind of camera they used to take those pictures. Of the camera. I feel like I've slipped into some sort of bizzaro netherworld or something, with reality endlessly looping onto itself.

Probably a Polaroid.

Anonymous said...

She's a combination of both you andSean.Lean,sleak and sexy.I shutter
to think she would be anything else.I almost snapped when I saw her.