Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mark and Amy

This past weekend I assisted my friend Erin (ecurranphoto.com) at a really awesome wedding. I knew we were going to have a great time when the bride said she was willing to trek through a wet field to get some pictures before the wedding in her dress! Amy was a photographer's dream - totally willing to do anything we asked of her and trusting of our techniques. Very rarely do I see two people more in love than Amy and Mark. Wacthing them interact throughout the evening was so fun and encouraging - real love really DOES exist!

BCM Babes!

So not only do I have some of the most beautiful friends around, they are also SUPER talented musicians! Every year these girls (and many other ridiculously talented musicians) put on a festival called the BCM Fest. (BCMfest.com) This three day music festival is filled with contra dancing, fiddle playing, guitar playing, etc. An all around fun weekend. This year these girls decided to make a calendar to raise money for the festival... We spent the day creating scenes to represent each month of the year. These are just a few of the months I like the best!

Thanks for such a fun shoot everyone!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Andy and Maura

Saturday I shot Maura and Andy's wedding. They couldn't have had better weather - so great it actually was too bright to take pictures in some location - I love a good challenge! The highlight of my day was when I fell in the middle of the ceremony! That's right - in the silence of the Catholic mass, I tripped over a kneeler and fell flat on my face IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!! Leave it to me! The rest of the day went flawlessly! As you can see from all but one of the pictures, I worked with them on a series of "kiss" pictures. Aren't they a great looking couple?!

I will post the slideshow later this week... STILL trying to get over this strep throat!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Rick and Krystal

Last weekend I shot Rick and Krystal's wedding in New Hampshire. Rick and Krystal met a few years ago at the restaurant where they both worked at! In fact, their wedding was specially catered by that same resaurant. We had so much fun spending the day with everyone. As we were about to shoot the formals, a HUGE storm was approaching. Rick and Krystal were great because they allowed us to RUSH through the formals outside with all of the wind and quickly approaching rain! It made for a lot of laughs and some really beautiful pictures.

Hope you're both having fun in Maui!!

New York City!!

Labor Day weekend was the first weekend since APRIL that I have not had a wedding! So, Sean and I went to NYC with a couple of our friends. We had so much fun! Sean and I promised not to bring our computers or answer our phones for the entire time we were there! Our no work policy was really tempting to stick with even after we came home!

All we did was EAT and relax our way through New York! We must have eaten at least half of the time we were there, and it was so worth it! I had waaaay too much New York cheescake! We spent a day in Central Park, where our CRAZY friend, Josh made a new friend (sorry mom for putting this on here!!) Snakes are NOT AT ALL friends of mine, but I wanted Josh to look like a rock star for being so brave!! You have all of my respect, Josh! And, where else but New York can you see a bill board about boogers?! What a great city!

Sophia Grace Comisso

Another one of my clients from last year just had their first baby girl! Sophia Grace was born just 5 weeks ago, and is soooo beautiful. I shot Cindy and Glen's wedding in May of 05 and can honestly say it was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever been to. Not only was EVERY detail perfect, but their love for each other was so unique and evident in everything they planned for the day. And now, just one year later, they have another addition to their already fabulous family! I got to hang out with the three of them the other day, it was a true joy being able to see Cindy and Glen interact with Sophia. What a lucky little girl to have come into such a loving household. I wish you two the very best for so many years to come.

Scott and Toni

A couple of weeks ago I shot Scott and Toni's wedding. What a fun Italian celebration! Toni was such a beautiful bride, with a fabulous personality - so easy going, and just excited to be married to Scott. Seeing Scott and Toni together is really a beautiful thing. They told me that after a summer of having to spend apart, that as soon as they were reunited they were inseperable, and you can see why. Their love fore each other is truly evident in the ways they interact. I am confident that they have so many loving years to spend together. Hope you're having a great honeymoon guys!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sam and Danielle

I'm so sorry for not keeping up with updating my site. I have been so busy trying to keep my head above water with each wedding! My mother has been continuously reminding me that I am WAY behind in my postings, and that I need to add more weddings for her to view - I'm pretty sure she is one of the very few who actually read this blog! Thanks, mom!

So, today is my day for updating. Here is a wedding that I did in two parts. The first week took place in upstate New York at the most beautiful estate. The estate was actually previously lived in by one of the Rockefeller's and has been turned into a restraunt/function facility. This part of the wedding was a small ceremony/dinner party for family members only. It was such an intimate setting, with fabulous food and guests. The following week the second part of the wedding took place. The "reception" part of the wedding was held at Mistral, here in Boston. This was a celebration for Sam and Daniell's closest friends. Again, amazing food and guests! I had so much fun at each celebration, and feel so lucky to have been apart of their wedding.