Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sam and Danielle

I'm so sorry for not keeping up with updating my site. I have been so busy trying to keep my head above water with each wedding! My mother has been continuously reminding me that I am WAY behind in my postings, and that I need to add more weddings for her to view - I'm pretty sure she is one of the very few who actually read this blog! Thanks, mom!

So, today is my day for updating. Here is a wedding that I did in two parts. The first week took place in upstate New York at the most beautiful estate. The estate was actually previously lived in by one of the Rockefeller's and has been turned into a restraunt/function facility. This part of the wedding was a small ceremony/dinner party for family members only. It was such an intimate setting, with fabulous food and guests. The following week the second part of the wedding took place. The "reception" part of the wedding was held at Mistral, here in Boston. This was a celebration for Sam and Daniell's closest friends. Again, amazing food and guests! I had so much fun at each celebration, and feel so lucky to have been apart of their wedding.


Jill Parker said...

Kelly, I read your blog every week! : ) Loved the photos from San Juan, Mel said you had an amazing time.

- Jill

Anonymous said...

Kristin & Carlos said.....

Kelly and Diane, great time in San Juan. Love the photos. Email us at kristinlittle19@hotmail.com hope to hear from you soon.