Thursday, February 28, 2008

AH, the beauty of seeing images as they should be seen!

My new sample album arrived yesterday, and it is FABULOUS!! These albums are simply the most elegant and luxurious way to tell the beautiful story of your wedding day. I love what this bride has to say about her album:

"You just have to be the WORLDS GREATEST PHOTOGRAPHER. Thank god you
are like this b/c it just would have taken me forever to figure out
how to choose...we just loved ALL of the images so is simply
perfect at telling our story..."

"This is on my mind constantly, but you know how I has to be
perfect if i do it, so I put it off. You are so great at keeping
everything going, and staying in touch with your brides...such a
wonderful qaulity because it help us keep our wedding day fresh in our
minds. Have you been getting referalls from me?? Every bride I meet I
send to you."

Monday, February 25, 2008

You Zig, She Zags, I Zug!

I know, I know, I have yet to post any images from my new, amazing camera. But I have a really good excuse - it's winter, and I have been sick for the past week!! I had some gross flu like thing, which turned into vertigo! YUCK. I'm better now, and will be shooting very soon!

While I was cooped up in my house all week, I had the rare opportunity to read during the day, and while reading one of Sean's Wired magazines, I was completely captivated by the new Mini Cooper ad. Sean and I own a Mini, and are always so excited when we see or receive anything from them, because EVERYTHING they do is so cool and fun!! So now Mini has released a new, larger version of their adorable car, and with it, more fun commercials, and marketing materials to draw us in.

Within Wired magazine was a cute little MINI booklet entitled Zig Zag Zug - which are the three versions of the Mini. Reading this little booklet made me realize that what they are saying, is EXACTLY what I have been trying to put into words with my own business.

Some quotes from the booklet:

"We live in a world of mass-produced sameness. Originality has fallen prey to predictability. The status quo has finally become the status quo. And even the copies have been copied... Which is why some of us Zug."

"Zug is about moving confidently in our own direction, with no apologies."

And my favorite:

"It looks odd. It runs on irregular. It is the brown sheep of the family. It may not be right for you. Then again, you may not be right for it."

In this business, there are MANY MANY photographers just here in Boston that all share a similar goal - to capture the essence of a couple's wedding day in a concrete way that brings them a lifetime of beautiful memories.

But within this business come many different trends, philosophies, and standards, that can confuse our clients and make it difficult for them to find exactly what they want in a photographer.

I have been thinking about the direction of my business for 2008, and the above quotes say it all. My goal this year is to really get to know my couples, explore who they are as individuals as well as who they are in their relationship. I want to draw out their unique quirks, personalities that only their partner has the chance to get to know.

I want each and every shoot to be different - unique to only their personality, thus moving beyond predictability and status quo. It may look odd to some, it may seem somewhat irregular to an outsider, but that is what will make it right to you.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Well, the day has finally come. The good Lord has blessed me with a beautiful brand new NIKON D3!!!

This long awaited, MUCH anticipated new model PROMISES to surpass ANY OTHER camera of it's time. I am SO excited to shoot with it and see the results of shooting at 6400 iso in AVAILABLE light and NO noise!!!!

*I will post pictures from this new little goddess just as soon as her batteries are finished charging*


Monday, February 11, 2008

Becky and Sasha

This weekend I had the opportunity to photograph this FABULOUS couple who's upcoming wedding promises be an absolute blast!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Bill and Jessica

Jessica preparing her daughter, and wonderful flowergirl for the wedding...

Intorducing Mr. and Mrs. Hsu!

Mother daughter dance :)

I LOVE this shot! This woman caught the bouquet, and her reaction is PRICELESS!!!

Monday, February 04, 2008

And speaking of kids

My beautiful, sweet 13 year old niece just sent me the paper she wrote about ME!! Now, I love all the beautiful comments my clients write me, but I have to say that this paper brought tears to my eyes, and wins the prize for best compliment ever!

Have you ever wanted to follow in the footsteps of a family member?

I would like to follow in the footsteps of my aunt
It takes a lot of hard work, skills and patience. It is my goal to be just like my aunt.Being a photographer will take a lot of hard work and i am willing to dedicate my time and effort to be a professional photographer I will travel place to place to take excellent pictures. I know they are not just going to hand me the job i have to work to get it. I have to take a lot of pictures to practice. Another quality for this job is skills with cameras. I need to know how to operate the camera i also need to know all different types of cameras. I have to contrast the colors to make the picture look good.there is all different types of cameras but my favorite is the old fashion camera.the last quality for this job is patience. i need the right lighting so i might have to wait awhile till i get it. and i might have to try many different ways to take a picture too. patience is an important part to photography. these quality's will make me a good photographer just like my aunt my aunt is a
hard worker and still has time for her family even though she has to go many places my be when i get married my aunt can take pictures for me. This is a hard job but i am willing to give up my time and effort for this job.

Friday, February 01, 2008


I photographed my first 2008 wedding this past weekend, and I will be posting the awesome images of the bride and groom, but first I had to post some of the most adorable kids that were there!

The amazing flower girl