Thursday, July 29, 2010

lisa + peter

lisa and peter were married in new haven last weekend - also, the hottest day of the year! these two were troopers, and ran all over, despite the heat, to get awesome images!

one of my favorite things about lisa (and i have many!) is how expressive she is! getting into a dress is not always pretty boys and girls!

but totally worth it.

lisa and peter chose to see each other before their ceremony, thus allowing us to go to THREE different photo locations!!

she took peter's breath away.

then it was off to the museum...

and to the botanical gardens...

did i mention it was hot that day? here the best man is wiping the sweat of the groom!

my favorite image of the day

why yes, there WAS indeed a carousel in the background!!

Monday, July 05, 2010

miss amelia.

a while back i was asked to photograph this sweet, little girl. seriously, could she be any cuter? seriously?

this series cracks me up!

i had to bring brooklyn to this shoot - which she LOVED because she got to play with a baby and the baby's toys!

my FAVORITE shot of the day, and one of my favorites of all time!!

going, going...


Thursday, July 01, 2010

jessica + chris engaged.

jessica holds a very special spot in my heart. when brooklyn was in the NICU, jessica was her respiratory therapist. when a baby is born extremely early like b was, it has a hard time remembering to breath! there were many times - more than i like to remember - when jessica had to run in and make our little girl breath again. she played a huge role in keeping brooklyn alive, and we are forever grateful to her.

she and chris are getting married next week, so you will see them again very soon!

wendy + justin married

wendy and justin had a two day wedding extravaganza! i've said it before, and i stick to it, every girl should be allowed two weddings! (to the same person!) the first day, the ceremony and dinner took place at a private location in beautiful swampscott. the second day, the event took place in the south end at one of my favorite restaurants - union bar and grill. both events were FILLED with laughter, and i could not have had more fun.

i asked the groom to turn around before seeing his bride for the first time, and he opted for this instead!

the chaos of trying to get everyone together for formals!

then it was off to the south end...

wendy did such a great job planning the details of the beautiful decor.