Thursday, May 05, 2011


A lot has changed in my world this past year. My family and I moved from our beloved city life in Boston to the coastal town of Marblehead. We call it a coastal town because we cannot admit that we moved to the suburbs! we love it here, and our children are in heaven because they have outdoor space to play in and lots of beaches to play at. And speaking of children, we went from one to TWO! As most of you know, our son, Soren was born on February 7 of this year - 10 weeks early - but is now home with us and THRIVING! He is such a love, and we are enjoying our little family of four - despite the lack of sleep!

Since everything else in my life was changing, I decided that my website should be updated as well. Kl Imagery has a new home: Thanks to my crazy talented husband - who designed these pages of beauty, and the programing genius Zack Goehner, Kelly Lorenz Imagery is now both a website and a blog all in one! I will no longer be updating THIS blog. So go ahead, take a look around. Peruse the different galleries, read a few blog posts, and let me know what you think!