Friday, January 29, 2010

kim + greg married.

well, they were married in november of 09, but it still counts! STILL catching up on blogging.

kim and greg were my last wedding of 09, and boy did they bring my year to an end in style! these two are simply fabulous. kim is one of the funniest people i have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and the two of them together are a blast! it was so fun to revisit these images because i was reminded just how animated kim was throughout the day. i always tell couples that their wedding day images will be a collection of interactions and spontaneous emotion, and encourage them to be as real and as comfortable as they can be in front of the camera.

here is what happens when that happens:

LOVE this series of kim putting on her dress. so honest!

father and daughter refusing to look at each other to avoid pre ceremonial tears. so sweet.

stolen glance as the priest turns away for a moment.

evening weddings in november (especially rainy ones!) are difficult to shoot outdoors. so what to do? shoot the formals in the bathroom of the venue of course!

kim's mom admiring the happy couple.

that's right. i did put all of the bridesmaids in the bathtub for their pictures. and i'd do it again if i had to.

my favorite shot of the day: this is how they reacted to me telling them to flirt...

the toasts:

again, no tears!

admit it. it's happened once or twice. when someone has been praying you've been trying reeeeeally hard not to laugh.

you all know i'm a sucker for the father daughter dance.

and the party begins...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

lola, allergies, and ear infections oh my.

IT'S NOT LOLA SHE'S ALLERGIC TO!!!!! we just heard back from the dr. and brooklyn is not allergic to pet dander OR eggs!!!
translation: we get to keep lola AND feed brooklyn waffles again! you can just imagine what i look like doing my happy dance ;)

as most of you know, my sweet husband got me a puppy for christmas this year (see below)

i know what you're thinking: a baby AND a 7 week old puppy! are you insane?" my answer: probably. but it's TOTALLY worth it! lola is such a love. and while this past month has been a complete whirlwind of crazy dog training, waking up multiple times throughout the night to let her out, (seriously, it's like having a newborn all over again) and trying to teach her the difference between my shoes and her play toys, we have fallen in love with her. she is now a part of our family.

that said, brooklyn has been suffering from a severe case of eczema since we brought lola home... sigh. we recently had b tested thinking it was an allergic reaction to dairy or eggs or something food related - ANYTHING but lola. we have since received the results from her allergy tests and all results came back negative. YAY! how awesome that my sweet little preemie isn't allergic to any foods.

that's the good news. the bad news, she wasn't tested for animal dander... this past monday we brought b in to have her tested for animal dander and eggs. so what have i been doing the past two days? checking my email incessantly of course! i am biting my nails, waiting to hear the results - PRAYING that she is not allergic to lola.

me being me, i am choosing to believe it's something else! i am probably the most optimistic person i know - sometimes to a fault ;) and while i await the results, i am enjoying every minute i have with our sweet christmas puppy.

that is until i have to take b back to the dr. today to have her ears checked out. she has a temp of 102... WHAT THE WHAT?! one of these days we'll have a quite day in the lorenz home!

here is a series of images i took on b's birthday. lola wanted that birthday hat more than anything!!! they are friends - i swear.

Monday, January 25, 2010

alissa + jared

alissa and jared, how do i love thee? let me count the ways:

1. both were willing to brave the cold boston air in the dead of winter. there is something uniquely beautiful about winter shoots. i love when couples feel comfortable cuddling in front of the camera - if for no other reason, to keep warm ;)

2. both were excited to do whatever for a good picture - including entering a local produce store to peruse the yummy seasonal fruits.

3. both agreed that "having their pictures taken isn't so bad after all!"

thanks so much for running around the city with me. i cannot wait until the wedding!

Monday, January 11, 2010


my baby is one. what a year it's been. party pictures to follow, but for now here are some from her discovery of chocolate.