Thursday, February 28, 2008

AH, the beauty of seeing images as they should be seen!

My new sample album arrived yesterday, and it is FABULOUS!! These albums are simply the most elegant and luxurious way to tell the beautiful story of your wedding day. I love what this bride has to say about her album:

"You just have to be the WORLDS GREATEST PHOTOGRAPHER. Thank god you
are like this b/c it just would have taken me forever to figure out
how to choose...we just loved ALL of the images so is simply
perfect at telling our story..."

"This is on my mind constantly, but you know how I has to be
perfect if i do it, so I put it off. You are so great at keeping
everything going, and staying in touch with your brides...such a
wonderful qaulity because it help us keep our wedding day fresh in our
minds. Have you been getting referalls from me?? Every bride I meet I
send to you."


Flora said...

Kelly -

I honestly can't get enough of your work! The more I see it, the less I want to wait for Ricky and I to have our pictures taken! I feel so lucky to have you capture such special moments in our lives.


Kelly Sullivan said...

Awww, Flora, you're awesome!! Your wedding is going to be so wonderful!! Can't wait!