Monday, July 14, 2008


it is with GREAT joy that i write this blog post today.

for over a year now, i have been photographing this beautiful family. i have not shared the photos with you because they were in the process of adopting this amazing little boy. for almost TWO YEARS this family has been awaiting the call that their son would be theirs forever - never to be taken away from them.

well, last week they received that call. shortly after receiving news that this adoption was to be final, i was invited to photograph this joyous event.

last thursday this family, their whole entire extended family, lawyers, the judge, and i gathered in the courtroom and for the first time, heard the final decision that this boy was to be their son. forever. no more appeals. no more worries. no more sadness.

to be with them on such a day was more than a honor. i was able to see the expression on the parents' faces when they were told this was final. the name had been changed, and this boy was theirs forever. ugh, if only every day were like this.

below are some pictures from the adoption, as well as a few from the past year of shoots that i have been dying to share with you all ;)

at last.

signing the new birth certificate.

i love that both of their hands are holding the certificate.

thanking the judge.

here are a few from the past year. can you imagine a better environment for this boy to grow up in?????


Team Yu Photography said...

Great news! Thanks for sharing this story with us. I needed this "dose of good news" today :)

Erica L. Pelaccia said...

Amazing Kelly... the images are beautiful and so full of emotion and tenderness and joy.

Adam said...

That does it. You WILL be around our fam when/if/when our Ugandan finally comes home. I will take out a third mortgage on my house if necessary.

Kelly Sullivan said...

Oh Adam, WHEN your little one comes home, we WILL be there, and it will be our gift to capture the excitement of this much anticipated little one.

Amy Cheng said... amazing. I'm crying right now. What valuable pictures those are and what an incredible moment.