Tuesday, July 01, 2008


last week i had the opportunity to photograph SO many children!!! poor sean. all i talk about when i come home from these is how much we NEEEEEEEEED a baby ;) ladies, i'm sure you can relate :)

in due time.

anyhoo, i will start with little miss makena. yes, she is that cute. yes, she does melt my heart every time i see her, and no, you cannot take her home. at least that is what they tell me when i ask!

her feet have grown so much since our last shoot!

i love this moment between she and her dad.

um, not the time to take the wand away ;)

not the typical family portrait, but hey, what kid do you know who sits still for photos?


Dianne said...

Beautiful! Makena is such a doll and you capture her so perfectly!!
Well done . . .

Joyelle said...

Love these! And what a cutie!