Thursday, July 24, 2008

day after, year after... tomato tomaaaato, whatever.

Like many brides, I was one that was too busy to worry about what I looked like on my wedding day. Sure I spent an entire day looking for the perfect dress, put on some fake eyelashes, and threw some flowers in my hair, but I didn't REALLY ham it up and go all out for my wedding day. SO, thanks to the photographer extraordinaire, Ashely O'Dell I had the chance to think things through and do it all again!!! Sean and I got all dressed up again (nice excuse to wear the crazy expensive dress one more time) and headed north for some photo time.

WHAT A BLAST!! The weather was so awesome - a dream come true. One minute it was HOTTER than HOT with nice golden light, and then ten minutes later there was one bad a@# storm approaching. What more could a photographer ask for?!!!

A very special thanks goes out to Ashley - who gave new meaning to the term AWESOME photos, and to L'elite Bridal Salon for allowing me to borrow the awesome veil and GORGEOUS vintage feather. Brides, if you are in search of the perfect dress, L'elite is your place!!

Here are some highlights...

How handsome is my husband?!!!!!

LOVE this one.


Beth said...

The veil is incredible! You guys look fantastic!

Shyla said...

holy freakin-absolutely-amazingly-GOREGOUS batman!

aye aye aye

Team Yu Photography said...

HOT STUFF! love them all, you guys look stunning in this set!

Erica L. Pelaccia said...

amazing, amazing, amazing.... You both look stunning! Ashley did a FABULOUS job!!!

Christine said...

Kelly- you and your husband are such a beautiful couple!! I love the veil!! Your making me want to do my photo's again...but just with Jay. ;-))