Friday, January 21, 2011

lauren + dan at the community rowing inc.

lauren and dan were married at one of the most unique wedding venues i have ever been to - the community rowing house in watertown, ma. lauren's mother, along with PHI DESIGN GROUP designed a ceremony and reception that would blow your mind. the details were simply exquisite.

who doesn't love a good cocktail weenie?

these were the seating cards for the guests

i love this moment between the mother and father of the bride. i can't even imagine the sense of pride and accomplishment they must have knowing their daughter is happy and in love.

i LOVE this series. it makes me smile.


dickie said...

The wedding was over the moon....and then some.

Gary said...

Beautiful, Marlene. Everything is as wonderful as I was told. Especially, the bride and mother-of- the-bride.

nancy said...

Absolutely beautiful wedding. The pictures captured the not only how fabulous everything looked but the wonderful feeling of the evening!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marlene and Lauren,
So nice to relive a perfect night...Love and Happiness forever,
Love, Ellen

Jody and Alan said...

A truly beautiful wedding filled with warmth and joy!! We loved every moment of this special event in the life of our family. We are so happy to view the pictures that capture the evening so beautifully!

Gail Kessler said...

Fabulous, beautiful! You did a great job. The pictures are amazing!

Lauren said...

What a night to remember and the pictures just say it all...beautiful!