Thursday, January 20, 2011

apologies AND the fabulous angela and jeff

dear brides, grooms, mom, and faithful blog readers,

it's been a while. i know. and you have been so patient. i apologize for my consistent lack of posting, and promise to be better this year. i have good excuses - i really do! but i will spare you the details, and give you what you really came to look at - recent photos!

angela and jeff were married back in august in the finger lakes region of new york - the wine country of the east coast - YUM.

i love photographing brides getting ready. (i love shooting the guys too, but it's rare that i get that opportunity) in angela's case, i was able to photograph her in the house she grew up in. this was a fun look into her childhood, that i rarely get to see.


stampinhot said...

Angela and Jeff these are absolutely beautiful! It was a magical day, thank you for letting Tom and I share in your special day.

joe schmo from ko ko moe said...

Wow, nice photos Angela and Jeff! Does anyone else notice how Jeff seemed to lose 10 pounds of water from the pictures taken before the chapel to the pictures taken after?

Rosi said...

Kelly! These photos are beautiful. I can't chose a favorite, although there is something so beautiful about her walking away through the field.
Thanks for sharing my sister's special day on your blog. You are so talented.

The Sna Man said...

I love the pictures :). Sometimes wedding pictures can be quite hokey, but these are beautiful, subtle, and completely heartwarming.