Wednesday, August 06, 2008


So my dad brought his cats (okay, so they're actually MY cats from high school, but when I went to college I left them at home with him... who knew they would live FOREVER) to our house this weekend because he left for vacation. I thought they would like living with me again, given that I am their owner and all. NOPE, they hate me now, and SIT in my closet and don't come out until we sleep!!! I was so excited to have them around to play with, but NO, they eat, poop,and return to the closet until they have to do it again.

Here is one of them in said closet, yelling for my dad to come get him out of here!!!

Dad, you owe me ;)

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Anonymous said...

Whatever you do,don't bring them to Tara's.I don't want them to get flea infested!Remember how much it cost me the last time!You still owe me Tara!