Thursday, August 07, 2008

Angela + Herman

Married: 7.26.08
Location: New York City

I have been so excited to post this wedding! These two were married in Queens, but took the opportunity to run around the rest of NYC before their ceremony. What an INCREDIBLE and EARLY morning we had!!! Here are some of my favorites from our trek around the city: WARNING: It's a long one ;)

First stop: Chinatown.


Time Square:

A few from the very emotional ceremony:

Since they are both living in East Asia, and since the Olympics are there this year:


Adam said...

Is it wrong for me to notice that you have a bride in white, in the middle of Times Square, underneath a giant sign that says "Virgin"? Should I not've noticed that?

Kelly Sullivan said...

Nope! Not wrong - done on purpose ;)

eva said...

absolutely amazing! :)

Erica L. Pelaccia said...

Kelly.... Once again, incredible images! You are one of THE most talented photographers in Boston!!!