Monday, January 07, 2008

Grace Ormonde, Baby!!

One of my favorite couples of all time have been featured in the latest edition of Grace Ormonde's Marriage Magazine! Tim and Molly are so insanely fun to be around. For this shoot, we walked around the beautiful streets of Boston and found unique places to photograph. These two have recently moved from Boston to the West Coast, so it is so fun to see them in this magazine!

The article is one about how important engagement sessions are for both the couple and the photographer, and how popular they are becoming.

Here is what the article says:

Kelly Lorenz Imagery

Kelly Lorenz encourages couples to “flirt with each other as they would if they were in their first few months of dating.” She feels that shooting a newly engaged couple is “such an honor because it is a time in their lives that they are filled with so many emotions.” Her main goal: “to capture that emotion during the shoot.” One of the many places that she enjoys shooting is outside—exploring the city, beach, park or wherever.

And here are the pictures they featured of mine:


Anonymous said...

People need to be careful getting pictures taken by you. You never know if you'll end up in some fancy magazine!

Congrats on ANOTHER magazine spread, Kelly!! You're awesome.

David said...

Great work. We are stoked that we are getting the best. Thanks again!

Katie said...

this is so exciting about all the
publicity you are getting - so well deserved, too.

Anonymous said...


e.p. said...

kelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, so proud of you my friend! These are amazing as always. you are # 1 in Boston!

Melissa and Darren said...

Congratulations Kelly! Your work deserves the recognition of magazines!

Sandra said...

These are gorgeous. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

You just keep getting better everyday!!!! And I thought you were going to be an awesome school teacher. What do I know. Great stuff.

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