Monday, January 21, 2008


Many of you are aware of the different trips I have taken to Africa, India, and China throughout the past few years. I traveled to these countries with camera in hand to help raise awareness for many different organizations, and in doing this I was able to help many see the differing needs of each community. These trips have had life altering effects and continue to challenge me. Although my travels have lessened this past year, I am ever aware of the dire need these communities continue to have.

I have decided to make Kelly Lorenz Imagery a way to give back as well! With this in mind, I will donate 5% of profits made from each event to an organization in your name.

Since we all have different passions, I have selected a handful of organizations for you to choose from. Once your event has been photographed, you will choose which organization to give to and the donation will be made in your name.

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Erica L. Pelaccia said...

I love this idea!!! How fantastic kelly...