Thursday, July 26, 2007

A new name deserves a new site!

That's right, now that I married a fabulous man, I am taking his name and changing my business name to Kelly Lorenz Imagery!!!

It may look a bit different, but the style remains the same.

Visit me at

Still working out a couple of the kinks, and adding to existing galleries, but it is at least up!



Helen said...

Hi Kelly,
Congratulations on your new husband, new marriage, new name and new site!

Your new web site looks fabulous! And your work looks better and better. You truly have a gift.

Many blessings on this journey of life and love!


Nicole said...


Congrats Kelly !

Amy said...

Congrats again Kelly! Your site looks great!


Anne said...


I totally just updated my website to
point the photo credit page to your new site.


Now, if only your site had a section "my favorite scientists" then
you could link back to me and I'd be FAMOUS!


Kayrn said...

BIG Congratulations to you!!! Hope YOU had a great photographer to capture every precious moment.
lots of love,

Chris said...

Congrats on you & Sean getting married!! The two of you looked so beautiful and happy in the pictures. The website has a great feel (Hanneke's music in the background is an especially nice touch).



Lauren said...

you are so did you find the time to do all this! I was SHOCKED to go to your site, and see my silly face right there...I can't wait to show the girls...

ENOUGH ABOUT ME!! I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU, & YOUR WHOLE WEDDING WERE! I LITERALLY CRIED WHEN I WATCHED...ALMOST MORE EMOTIONAL THAN AT MINE. I think it was the whole idea of seeing someone else as happy as I felt, and feeling so happy for you guys to have that!! I wish you all the best, and I know you will have an unbelievable marriage because of the passion that you put into everything you do!

Christine said...

As always impeccable the new site.