Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Katie's early aspirations, which she pretty much reached!

We found this AMAZING nearby barn, which of course was someone's yard! Katie was such a trooper, and allowed me to just bring her on the neighbor's lawn and hope we wouldn't get arrested!! In the end, the owner of the property was super kind and allowed us to grab a couple of shots!


Anonymous said...

Awesome, Kelly! Your work is amazing!


Gigi (Katie's mom)

katie said...

What amazing work you do!! I love the pictures and am looking forward to seeing the rest. All my family has been asking how they can order photos from you. They were so impressed with the slideshow you had running during the dancing! In addition to your wonderful photography, I really enjoyed having you and Sean at our wedding and I know Jeff did, too! We hope to see you at many weddings in the future!

Talk with you soon,
Katie H. =)