Friday, June 01, 2007

Allison and Chris - Married!!

Brace yourself, for this is a LOOOONG post! I have been so excited for this wedding for so long! Chris and Allison are two of my favorite people. They are both so kind, considerate, and excited just to be married! We had SO much fun running around the city of Nashville together. And despite all of Nashville's surrounding beauty, the allowed me to take them to the areas most would consider not so beautiful!! I have to thank the two moms that day for allowing me that opportunity! The day was absolutely perfect. Beautiful ceremony, perfect weather, and a fabulous band to get everyone on the dance floor throughout the evening. And of course, the evening would not have gone so smoothly as it did without the help of Signature Events - the wedding coordinators of the day - Karen and Tabitha - thanks so much for running around with us and keeping us on schedule!

Allison and Chris, may you enjoy all of your days together, and grow with each other each day. Have fun in Hawii

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