Saturday, November 04, 2006


I just got home from a really incredible week in NYC. It was awesome being in classes for 3 days with SO many AMAZINGLY TALENTED photographers. Every single person in that room truly inspired and challenged me to be a better photographer. We were sent out in groups to shoot models each day, and each day I learned from the other people in my group to try out new lighting conditions, different angles to shoot from, new in camera settings, etc. We had so much fun running around with the couple below... Lando and Sarah were married in September and hired Jessica Claire to photograph their wedding. They volunteered to model for our class, and were an absolute BLAST!! Each day they came to our class fully dressed in their wedding attire and more than willing to do whatever we wanted! And boy will they have a ton of new pictures from so many talented photographers to ad to their already amazing collection!

So great to meet you all, and thanks so much Jessica and Liana for a wonderful week!!

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