Monday, July 17, 2006

Mike and Sari

Every now and then you luck out and get a really animated couple willing to do almost anything for a good picture. This weekend I was blessed with such a couple. Sari and Mike quickly became one of my favorite couples to work with. I fell in love with Sari the first day I met her - so easy going and completely willing to ham it up for the camera. I knew the day promised to be a good one when while getting ready, Sari broke into a dance to some quality New Kids on the Block music! No one says it better than the New Kids. Sari is great on her own, but add Mike to the equation, and the magic begins. The two of them together is like watching your favorite sitcom! They are the couple everyone wants to be around and be like! They even have their own private handshake - which truly does put all other secret handshakes to shame!! I have no doubt that these two will laugh more and enjoy each other more than they ever imagined. I wish you both the very best that marriage has to offer!

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