Thursday, July 06, 2006

Git 'Er Dun...

This is a picture of Deborah (the woman whose house we gutted) smashing her television on her front lawn... one of the many things she is forced to leave behind.

Day 4:

I apologize for not getting word out last night. We were all pretty exhausted and attempted to get to bed early (or just earlier). We did manage to make a trip to the Walmart Supercenter where we stocked up on junk food and other necessities. We were also told numerous times that it was obvious we are not from around here.

We completed 2 houses today. Both homeowners were overwhelmed with gratitude. One homeowner has been feeding her group all week. The other is taking all 29 of us out for dinner tomorrow night. We are overwhelmed at the generousity of those who have lost so much. They continue to give beyond measure. After finishing one of the houses, one team started working on the garage of another home, where they said that they were outnumbered by cockroaches 50 to 1. The house even included a few flying roaches.

We will attemp to do laundry tonight. WE HAVE TO. We cannot hold out any longer. The plan is to get some clean(er) clothes and do some finish up work on another house tomorrow and around a local elementary school.

Did I mention that thiis has been an amazing week?

The Paraguay/New Orleans Team

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