Thursday, December 31, 2009

my christmas present.

meet lola.

brooklyn is still unsure of her, but lola ADORES brooklyn and follows her everywhere!

a view from the top.


CCB said...

Looks like Riley may have some competition for BFF status! I am coming over the MINUTE you are back with her and I am going to steal her and EAT her up!

Carolyn Chen said...

so precious! how can one family be so adorable??
happy new year!

Shyla said...

OH MY! I need to snuggle with that lil' Lola!

Brittany Blando said...

Kelly so cute! We will have to get my 6 month old Boston Terrier Ollie and Lola together! Happy New Year to you! BKB

Jen said...

what beautiful baby girls!! (of both the human and dog variety :) hope you had a lovely holiday, and best wishes to you for 2010!

Christopher said...

oh. mah. god. so. cute. my head es'plode!

Anonymous said...

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francie said...

Ummm OMG, I LOVE Lola!!!

Anonymous said...

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