Sunday, July 19, 2009

anna + bruno married

there were many things i loved about anna and bruno's wedding. the location, the beautiful tree they were married under, their intimate group of family and friends, the way they looked at each other throughout the day... i could go on and on, but you can see for yourself:

anna is an incredible children's author and illustrator - you can check out her work here: so for the wedding, she added some fun, personal touches like these signs that pointed the guests in the right direction:

because sometimes we need reminders to simply have fun:

anna's mother had their friends and family make origami cranes to decorate the yard:

pre ceremony activities:


Anna Alter said...

Kelly! You are a genius, we love our pictures so much!! We can't stop looking at them and all the amazing little moments and details you captured. What a gift to be able to see it all again through your artful eye.

Gina said...

Looove the one's through the window and HAVE FUN!!! Beautiful!

Adele's Updates said...

what beautiful

(And although she didn't check it off the list, I know Anna had fun!)

alvina said...

So gorgeous! You really did a perfect job and capturing the little special details that made the wedding so original and personal.

Barbara O'Connor said...

Love these! (I like the to-do list....speaks to my list making heart)

ChatRabbit said...

These are stunning- what excellent mementos of the day!

erin said...

Beautiful photos!

Grace Lin said...

beautiful photos!!! I love how you captured anna and bruno's happiness.

Trina said...

These are totally stunning! Love the little details you caught! such gorgeousness and happiness!

nelsong said...

Beautiful images, love the DOF.

Alison said...

What incredibly beautiful photographs! They all feel intimate and personal, which is just how Anna and Bruno's wedding felt to all of us fortunate enough to be there. Thank you, Kelly, for capturing these memories so expertly!

Debbie Meyer said...

Absolutely adorable! These two look like the poster kids for happiness & love. Great job capturing the moment. Fabulous work, Kelly!

Lynda Mullaly Hunt said...

Very unique, beautiful photos! And a lovely couple...

Dan Santat said...

You look stunning, Anna. Beautiful photos!

kevan said...

Beautiful Anna! Oh happy day!

Libby Koponen said...

These photographs made me tear up all over again: you really captured Anna and Bruno's joy and the little moments and touches that made this wedding so beautiful. I remember you running outside while Anna was getting ready to photograph the little boy playing with Linda's firespinning equipment -- you must have done a lot of other running that day!

I especially love the one of Anna bending over and laughing (or it looks like she's laughing) during the ceremony.

Thank you Kelly -- Anna's right, you ARE a genius -- and thank you Anna and Bruno for including us all in your wedding.

Carmit said...

Kelly, you are a bless artist! you captured the magic! wow!

corey said...

These photos are amazing - perfectly capturing a perfect day.

Emil said...

Lovely images.

Mary said...

So pleased to get a glimse of your wonderful day! Congratulations to Anna, Bruno and Kelly, =)

Amiko said...

I love these photos.
The lighting... the atmosphere... you two totally look like you hopped right out of the "Rabbit's Wedding" picture book!


yamster said...

Lovely lovely lovely!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful, artful, soulfilled pictures!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed looking through these pictures,great job. Congrats to the happy couple.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful wedding and great location! Pictures are fabulous!

Annie said...

Beautiful photos!! Beautiful day!!

MotherReader said...

What a lovely wedding and captured so beautifully in the photographs. Beautiful.

Teresa said...

Amazing photos of a beautiful couple and setting.

Jeannine said...

These pictures are gorgeous!

Erin said...

Just beautiful, Anna! Congratulations!

Ashley O'Dell said...

did i not say awesome yet!? well, just awesome.

Anonymous said...

These pictures tell a beautiful story about a special event and even people who don't know the bride or groom can enjoy them. My favorite was the shot looking through the window of the house made of tree branches.

Jasmina said...

Kelly, those pics are incredible! I especially like the one of the crane surrounded by leaves, and how you caught a couple priceless moments as they said their vows. You did a great job of capturing the essence of the weekend - the warm, familial vibe, the love all around, the tiny details and touches that made it so magical for all of us. I felt like we all got married that weekend! Thank you for memorializing it for us!

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