Friday, June 12, 2009

there's no place like home.

as many of you know, i gave birth to a beautiful little girl 5 months ago - and as you know, she was born 4 months early. for the first 135 days of her life, brooklyn resided in the nicu, where she was taken care of by a team of INCREDIBLE doctors and nurses. those 4 and a half months have come and gone, and our little girl IS NOW HOME with us!

brooklyn came home on may 23. these past few weeks have been a complete blur! our days our now filled with little to no sleep, LOTS of laundry, LOTS of diaper changes and feedings, and LOTS and LOTS of joy! this little one is a complete blessing in every way. our God has been truly faithful and kind to our family. brooklyn is one of few 24 weekers who not only survived, but is PERFECTLY healthy. we are beyond grateful for her, and are enjoying having her home with us more than we even imagined. even at 3 am!

here are a few pictures of her at her new digs:

after her first bath at home.

with her grandma sharon:

girl sleeps like a teenager!


mark A Higgins said...

Congratulations! I'm sure those 135 days seemed like an eternity. Enjoy every minute even when you're exhausted!

Linda's Blog said...

she's perfect!!

Margaret Singer said...

i am so, so happy for you guys! she's a total beauty. :)

Kate Rose Photography said...

Best wishes for your little family.