Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lauren and Chris - The Slideshow


Lauren said...

kelly...I am freaking out...we want a was too short...especially after seeing all the pictures...I want to go back. I never thought I would be a sentimental bride, but you just can't help getting into it!

I am blown away by your images...I could not have picked a more amazing photographer. It was fate...I don't even know why I was paying attention to you at Toni's wedding, I just was...and I am so lucky to have found you!!!!!

Chris has not seen the slide show yet...we are going to his parents for dinner with everyone to say goodbye tonight...I can't wait to share! thank you for getting these to us before we leave...something to look forward to when we come home!!!!!!!! Thanks you so much...again and again!!!!

All my best,


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, like my daughter I believe it was fate she found you. Lauren came home and told me she was watching you at Toni's wedding. I know that was when she had decided who she wanted for her wedding.Lucky for us you were available. From just the photos we've seen so far we can tell you exceeded her highest expectations. I,like Lauren, feel it went by so fast. Your photos captured all the fun, emotion and love we felt that day-thank you a million times for giving us the opportunity to relive that very special moment in time. We are looking forward to doing it over and over again with all our friends and family. Fondly, Cheryl and Leon Arbeene(mother and father of a very happy bride!)(My grandson's pic was amazing-thank you!)

A. Shoop said...

Hi Kelly, I just wanted to let you know that you did a great job with the pictures at my cousin's wedding. I don't know if you know, but my dad was at the wedding, and he also was taking pictures just for fun. He takes pictures all the time. I really liked some of your pictures. The one of Andrew sleeping was adorable. Also, the pictures you took right before the reception were really cool. You did a great job.

louise martino said...

I am completley blown away by the way you captioned Lauren and her huge day.. You not only see the beauty in the day, you see and feel the love. I actually trained Lauren on Laura Mercier techniques, a few years back. I have always known her potential in artistry, Love and Life. Somehow you have portrayed all that and more with your camera. It truly moved me, and I wish Lauren and her new husband Love, prosperity, and a lifetime of happiness. god Bless.
P.S. after seeing your work, you better beleive your the first recomendation on my list for my brides. I would love to link websites. Louise Martino