Saturday, October 21, 2006

Kevin and TIna

I FINALLY have gotten the chance to post a few images from Kevin and Tina's wedding!

What an AMAZING weekend!!! It's not every day that I get flown over to a different country to photograph a wedding! Tina and Kevin planned the most phenomemonal wedding in Cabo San Lucas. EVERYTHING was picture perfect, and soooo fun to photograph. Kevin and Tina were willing to do anything for a good picture - they even played in the ever so dangerous ocean so I could get a few pictures!

Their wedding took place on the beach on a PERFECT Mexico day - okay, it was A LITTLE HOTTER than usual - 15 degrees hotter than a typical day in Mexico, but I'm not complaining! The reception was by far the most beautiful place I have ever been to. The Sunset Da Mona Lisa is located on the side of a cliff!! The guests were able to roam about the different levels, watch the sunset, listen to the 12 piece mariachi band, and drink TONS of tequilla! What a way to spend an evening!

Thanks guys for having me photograph one of the most beautiful weddings I have EVER seen!!! You two sure know how to plan a wedding!!

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