Thursday, August 31, 2006


My friend Dianne and I have been planning a vacation for several months now. Both of us have been completely overworked and DESPERATE for a vacation! We chose San Juan for two very important reasons: 1. Dianne's passport didn't come in time, and 2. San Juan has running toilets (very different from ANY of my recent trips!) and NO work related activities - ALL of my cameras, with the exception of my VERY fun new point and shoot camera were left at HOME!

We chose to stay at an all inclusive resort here, and let me tell you, when they say all inclusive they truly mean ALL INCLUSIVE!! We have paid for NOTHING since our arrival and have been treated like queens!

When we arrived, we were assigned our own private butler - Hector - who is shown in the above picture. Hector is here to do ANYTHING!! He schedules dinner reservations, tennis time, you name it, he'll do it! Everyone is here soooo nice! We have indulged in all of the finest life has to offer! Fine dining, luxurious 5 star hotel, relaxing by our private pool and private cabanna all day...etc.

We decided to leave our little paradise to go on a trip to a nearby rainforest - the only one in the country. Such an amazing trip! We hopped in a van with 4 other honeymooners - (Dianne and I are known throughout the hotel as "Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan!), and drove to the rainforest. We hiked through the forest and swam in the natural springs!

This has been one of the most amazing weeks of my life! It truly is Paradise!

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